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XsunX Newsletter

CIGSolar® Producing Near Identical CIGS Films to 16.4% NREL Samples


Date: 06/24/2013

Good Morning,

Lately our updates have centered on our developing business opportunities, key markets, and the stabilizing solar market. In the background, we have been working full time with the CIGSolar® evaporator and we are excited to let you know that we are seeing some outstanding results.

Since the completion of the CIGSolar® evaporator assembly, we have carried out literally hundreds of incremental steps aimed toward establishing benchmarks, calibrating performance, and identifying or implementing potential improvements across our entire suite of system capabilities from material transport to CIGS deposition.


Our objective was to get the tool assembled, working, and producing results on par with the results we achieved during the initial technology development phase. The good news is that the tedious process of what seemed like endless incremental and iterative steps is now producing those types of results. Our internal testing of films is showing near identical film composition results to those recorded in a sample we provided to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) during our development phase, which averaged 16.4% efficiency.


Not surprisingly, and we have mentioned this before a few times, our proprietary thermal co-evaporation heating, insulation, and nozzle technology have performed remarkably well and we are excited about our thin film processing results and commercial prospects of our multi-source design.


This progress also shows that we are on the right track and helps to strengthen our marketing capabilities as well as emphasizes our commitment to continued process and system improvements for the benefit our customers.


As always, we are working hard to capitalize the full potential of CIGSolar® for our shareholders and look forward to sharing more progress and news with you in the near future.

Tom Djokovich, CEO


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