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XsunX Newsletter

CIGSolar Assembly Update

Date: 07/31/2012

Good Morning,

With the delivery of the CIGSolarTM system to the new facility in July, we successfully reached one of our major milestones. The new facility is working out very well and we are excited to be working under our own roof to integrate all of the components, controls, and support systems to finalize the build of the multi-chamber CIGSolarTM tool. We have posted some pictures of the delivery and assembly at the following link.

There's been a lot of work to get to this stage. As a small company without the benefit of extensive project development budgets and large in-house design and fabrication capabilities we have had to work smartly to get our CIGSolarTM project to this point. From the tone of the emails we have been receiving from shareholders it looks like they are as excited as we are and we thank all of you for your support and patience.

Even as we write this newsletter, parts and support systems necessary to complete the assembly and to operate the tool are being delivered (as they have been on an almost daily basis). Unsurprisingly, our rolling pallet jack has been kept very busy moving and jockeying pallets of CIGSolarTM components, valving, wet processing, chilling, air compression, and work systems around the shop floor to make room for assembly and new deliveries.


In addition to re-assembling the major chamber components that had previously passed acceptance testing prior to shipment, we have also been working with contractors to schedule and complete the electrical, chemical, and other certifications necessary to operate the CIGSolarTM tool. Our goal has been to have progress with the facility and system preparation to a point where we can begin to focus on the installation of our proprietary thermal evaporation system as early as mid-August. These next two weeks will be very busy with the goal of accelerating progress with each day.

Thanks for your time, have a great week, and we look forward to providing more updates in the near future.

The XsunX Team

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