XsunX Acquires Trademark "Power Glass"
September 8, 2004

XsunX Hits Milestones in the Development of Its Solar Electric Vision Glass
August 4, 2004

XsunX and MVSystems, Inc. Announce Cooperative Venture to Develop Solar Electric Vision Glass
June 3, 2004

XsunX Demonstrates Working Models of Solar Electric Vision Glass
April 27, 2004

XsunX Enters into Agreement to Produce Working Model
March 23, 2004

XsunX Announces Efficiency Breakthrough
March 3, 2004

XsunX Marks Launch of Commercialization Drive
January 8, 2004

XsunX Relocates to Technology Center
December 9, 2003

XsunX Announces Solar Electric Architecture Initiative
October 14, 2003

XsunX Completes Major Reorganization
October 7, 2003

XsunX to Trade under New Name and New Symbol
October 6, 2003

XsunX Names High Tech Leader President and CEO
October 6, 2003

XsunX-Sun River Launches Website

September 25, 2003

Sun River Changes Its Name to XsunX and Acquires Solar Electric Glass Patents
September 23, 2003