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About XsunX, Inc.

Based in Aliso Viejo, California, XsunX, Inc. (XsunX) has developed Power Glass™ – a breakthrough solar technology that allows glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the sun. XsunX is leveraging its broad portfolio of patents to commercialize Power Glass™ technology as the solution for integrating renewable power generating properties onto millions of square feet of modern architectural glass and building facades.

Does XsunX stock trade publicly and on which market?

The common stock of XsunX is listed and trades on the NASDAQ Over the Counter Bulletin Board market (the OTCBB). The symbol for XsunX stock is “XSNX” or “XSNX.OB”.

Does XsunX file reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”)?

Yes, XsunX files regular periodic, quarterly, and annual reports with the SEC. These reports can be accessed at by simply typing in the name of the company.

What is the legal status of the company and fiscal year end?

XsunX, Inc. is a Colorado corporation incorporated on February 25, 1997. In June 2004, XsunX, Inc. qualified to do business in the state of California as XsunX, Inc. The company’s fiscal year end is September 30th.

Does XsunX issue dividends?

XsunX is currently engaged in research and development efforts to commercialize various patented technologies and has not generated any revenues through November 2004. XsunX intends to retain any future earnings for use in its business and does not anticipate providing shareholders with cash dividends in the foreseeable future.

When and how are news releases issued by the company?

News is generally released by the company through various industry news portals such as PR News Wire or Business Wire. It is our policy to issue news releases when material events occur such as major agreements, technology development milestones, changes or additions to management, and quarterly filing releases.

Will XsunX issue more specific information about its technology and development efforts?

The development of new types of alternative energy applications is proprietary by nature and competitive within the markets we intend to serve. To preserve the value of the proprietary aspects to our technology, and maintain shareholder value, we can not provide specifics about our R&D efforts.

How can I receive on-going information about XsunX?

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