XsunX, Inc., based in the United States’ Aliso Viejo (California), develops advanced manufacturing systems and cell structures for solar energy. Our mission is twofold: to lower the cost of solar power generation and delivery and to increase solar energy applications through unique thin film photovoltaics (PV) materials, designs, and manufacturing processes.

Through our development of advanced manufacturing systems (both cluster and inline), advanced PV cell structures are created and delivered. Manufacturers use the generated thin film PV to create products that gather solar power and deliver it as kilowatt power.

One of the products that has come out of our advanced manufacturing systems is Power Glass™, a very thin semi-transparent coating on thin flexible films. These solar cells can be seen see through, making this product glazing desirable for placing over glass, plastics, and other see-through structures. To extend efficiency, opaque thin film products are already being developed for non-transparent (opaque) applications.

XsunX believes thin film PV technologies, such as Power Glass™, can and other advanced manufacturing and cell structures allow solar energy to be widely integrated into diverse living and working environments.