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XsunX Begins Assembly and Installation of Hybrid Systems at New Golden Facility
July 11, 2006

XsunX Build-Out of Marketing and Technology Development Facility on Track
Jun 13, 2006

Thin Film Could Soon Make Solar Glass and Facades a Practical Power Source
May 2, 2006

XsunX Launches Build-Out of Marketing and Technology Development Facility
May 8, 2006

Power Glass™ Developer, XsunX, Begins Marketing Phase
April 25, 2006

Power Glass™ Developer, XsunX, Adds Key Executive Management
April 17, 2006

XsunX Development Team Adds Nano-Crystalline Specialists
April 5, 2006

XsunX Licensed Process Completes Successful Test
March 13, 2006

XsunX Achieves Improved Solar Cell Efficiency
February 14, 2006

XsunX to Present at Small Cap Conference
February 8, 2006

XsunX Begins Manufacture of Mass Production System
January 11, 2006

XsunX Ends 2005 on High Note
January 3, 2006

XsunX Inc. Secures $5 Million Financing
December 12, 2005

XsunX Adds New Manufacturers to Products Development Program
December 1, 2005

XsunX Named 2005 World Technology Award Winner
November 17, 2005

XsunX Reel-To-Reel Cluster Tool System Offers Multi-Megawatt Scale Manufacturing Capabilities
November 14, 2005

XsunX, Inc. Honored As Finalist in The 2005 World Technology Awards
October 13, 2005

XsunX Developing New Nano-Crystalline Opaque Solar Cell
October 18, 2005

XsunX Produces Large Area Transparent Solar Cell on Thin-Film Plastic
October 3, 2005

Modular Design of XsunX Mass Production System to Provide Scalability for Manufacturers
September 7, 2005

XsunX and Other Solar Energy Players Likely to Benefit from Recently Signed Energy Policy Act
August 30, 2005

XsunX Launches Design and Development of Mass Production System for Solar Electric Transparent Films
August 18, 2005

XsunX, Inc. Adds Key Development Capabilities to Enhance Solar Technology Manufacturing
August 2, 2005

XsunX Inc. Secures $10.8 Million Financing Commitment
July 18, 2005

XsunX Announces Superior Results with the Use of PEN Based Plastic Films
July 12, 2005

XsunX Announces Improved Production Efficiencies
June 13, 2005

XsunX Produces Transparent Solar Cell on Thin-Film Plastic
May 31, 2005

XsunX Begins Shipments of Power Glass™ Samples to Product Developers
May 9, 2005

XsunX Plans to Seek Green Building Certification
Power Glass™ May Help Produce a New Generation of High Performance Buildings

April 26, 2005

XsunX to Attend 16 th Annual Advanced Coatings and Surface Engineering Laboratories Workshop
April 20, 2005

XsunX Expands Development to Include Polyester Thin-Films
Use of Inexpensive Polyesters May Provide Key Advantages

March 30, 2005

Dr. John Moore Joins XsunX Scientific Advisory Board
March 21, 2005

XsunX Accelerates Development on Thin-Films
Moves to Expand Key Research Capabilities

March 16, 2005

XsunX Discovers New Market Opportunities
Power Glass ™ Use Ideas Are Presented to XsunX in Diverse Industries

March 8, 2005

XsunX Continues to Strengthen Development Team
Adds Veteran Scientist to Advisory Board

February 22, 2005

Thin-Film Semi-Transparent Solar Cells May Hold Promising Commercial Future
February 10, 2005

XsunX Expands Scientific and Industry Expertise
February 7, 2005

XsunX CEO Interview by Discusses Marketplace Demand
January 24, 2005

XSUNX INC Files SEC form 10KSB, Annual Report
January 18, 2005

XsunX Ends the Year on a High Note
December 13, 2004

XsunX CEO Discusses Analyst Report
December 1, 2004

Rolls of Thin-Film Semi-Transparent Solar Cells May Hold Promising Commercial Future
November 9, 2004

XsunX Establishes Scientific Advisory Board
October 20, 2004

XsunX Continues to Expand Development Efforts
September 29, 2004

XsunX Broadens Patent and Technology Assets
September 20, 2004

XsunX Acquires Trademark "Power Glass"
September 8, 2004

XsunX Hits Milestones in the Development of Its Solar Electric Vision Glass
August 4, 2004

XsunX and MVSystems, Inc. Announce Cooperative Venture to Develop Solar Electric Vision Glass
June 3, 2004

XsunX Demonstrates Working Models of Solar Electric Vision Glass
April 27, 2004

XsunX Enters into Agreement to Produce Working Model
March 23, 2004

XsunX Announces Efficiency Breakthrough
March 3, 2004

XsunX Marks Launch of Commercialization Drive
January 8, 2004

XsunX Relocates to Technology Center
December 9, 2003

XsunX Announces Solar Electric Architecture Initiative
October 14, 2003

XsunX Completes Major Reorganization
October 7, 2003

XsunX to Trade under New Name and New Symbol
October 6, 2003

XsunX Names High Tech Leader President and CEO
October 6, 2003

XsunX-Sun River Launches Website
September 25, 2003

Sun River Changes Its Name to XsunX and Acquires Solar Electric Glass Patents
September 23, 2003

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