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Position Title: Senior PVD Process Engineer
Position Reports to:   President of Engineering
Pay Status:  Exempt
Revision Date: May 2008


XsunX Background

XsunX is  focused on becoming a leader in the innovation, development, and manufacturing of thin film photovoltaic (PV) modules used for large scale, grid-tied applications.  We are currently establishing our first full scale manufacturing plant requiring all the necessary equipment, processes, and personnel for high rate manufacturing of large-area power PV modules.  We encourage a work environment based on ethics, new ideas, and team work within multiple functional disciplines: a Center of Excellence.  We are seeking new motivated individuals to create the basis of the core team to deliver our ideas, technology, and solar products for life on earth.


Position Summary:

Identify, develop, and maintain equipment processes, and procedures for deposition of key PVD layers for monolithically integrated thin film PV panels.  Primary equipment includes large area linear sputtering sources similar to that employed in the architectural plate glass and web coating industries.

Job Responsibilities:


  • Assisting with raw material and equipment supplier identification; equipment construction and factory integration; system qualification and verification for all back-operations.
  • Developing base-line processes for all PVD metal, oxide, and wide band-gap semiconductor deposition.
  • Improving processes based on statistical analysis of system data using formalized engineering change procedures.
  • Developing work instructions, SOP, and training technicians and operators.  Developing, implementing, and maintaining operator certifications.
  • Conduct FMEA’s for all back-end module manufacturing process in an effort to maximize product performance and yield while maintaining targeted production through-put.


Required Qualifications:


  • In depth practical knowledge DC, RF, and Bi-polar DC sputtering.
  • Direct and in depth knowledge of reactive sputtering of oxides and conductive oxides from metal targets using both DC and bi-polar DC power supplies.
  • Direct experience in developing PVD processes for large area substrates.
  • Direct experience in film properties control variables including but not limited to target voltage, source-to-substrate distance, pressure (and the effect on neutral stress cross-over), temperature, and power.
  • Detailed knowledge of thin film material process development characterization including static and dynamic deposition rates, optical film properties (transmission, absorption, and reflection…including total hemispherical transmission), crystalline nature (amorphous, quasi-crystalline, and crystalline), and sheet resistance.
  • Proficient in conducting flow analysis for optimization of inlet working gas positioning, gas inlet orifice spacing, and pumping.
  • Direct hands-on experience in the operation and maintenance of large-area, high-throughput, sputtering systems (pumps, heaters, valves, plc)
  • Expert in efficient helium leak detecting of vacuum deposition systems.
  • BS in a relevant engineering or scientific discipline (including but not limited to mechanical engineering, materials science, chemistry, or physics).
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in a large area PVD sputtering in the commercial glass, flat panel, or web manufacturing production environment (some related fields may be considered but direct large area PVD experience is preferred).
  • Demonstrated background of professional interaction with relevant peer departments including R&D and manufacturing staffs to develop, implement, and improve back end equipment and processes.
  • Proficient with the Microsoft Office suite of applications including Project.


Additional Desired Qualifications:


  • Ability to design and implement optical plasma emission sensors.
  • Familiar with PECVD deposition of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon thin films.
  • Ability to lead design of PVD thin film deposition equipment built by external suppliers.
  • Appreciates and understands where and why to use CF vs. KF vs. ASA type fittings.
  • Ability to derive and analyze statistical experiments and the resultant data
  • Ability to compile and publish professional engineering reports (introduction, experimental details, results, conclusions, recommendations, future work) as well as process work instructions as SOP’s



We provide a comprehensive benefits package including PTO, Paid Holidays, Medical, Dental, Vision, 401(k) and a competitive salary.  If your experience and skills meet or exceed our requirements, please e-mail your resume in Word format to . 
XsunX is an Equal Opportunity Employer.