Applications for Solar Electric Glass

While there are numerous ways to make solar cells, all of these methods result in a structure that is opaque. As a result, traditional solar cells must be placed in or on a location that can permit being obscured by the installation. Thus, they are not appropriate for many applications. For example, buildings with solar cells can be unsightly and the solar panels may block the view of the outdoors or access to outside light indoors. On the other hand, solar electric glass technology has major market potential in the following areas:

Architectural Glass - Large Buildings

XsunX glazing could be applied to the windows of large buildings, turning these structures into virtual power plants. Electrical power generated can be used to run building systems. In the future, the Company's management believes that a substantial portion of electrical power can be generated in dense urban areas with XsunX's solar electric glass. While the total amount spent annually on building products is over a trillion dollars, the total expenditure for XsunX solar electric glass could swell to a hundred billion dollars.

Architectural Glass - Homes

XsunX glazing could be applied to windows in homes to supply a portion of residential electrical power. The Company's management believes that these types of windows could eventually be supplied by companies such as Andersen Windows and could be sold directly at home improvement stores such as Home Depot. Film produced by companies such as 3M using the XsunX process could also be applied to existing windows.