Commercial & Residential Solar Solutions

Warranty Management

By the time a solar system installation is complete and ready to start delivering power, many different types of specialty services and trades may have been involved. XsunX only uses qualified, licensed professionals supervised by a staff of solar PV experts. XsunX has more than 10 years of experience in all aspects of solar power system: product testing, construction, and assembly.  While we ensure accuracy and quality of your installation, we’ll also watch over the building process, protect fixtures and roofing, and ensure full compliance with all construction building/zoning codes.

Our equipment warranty management program will help ensure that the integrity of your system is maintained. After installation, we’ll monitor all warranties service and work with you as needed with equipment or service providers to correct any issue that may arise. We’ve been at this work much longer than most – we know every nook and cranny. We’ll make sure that you get all the benefits that are coming to you.

We give you continuity – we’ll always be there for you. We’re your power partners for life.

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