Commercial & Residential Solar Solutions

System Design

The design of solar power systems differs greatly from building to building, business type, and location. XsunX is an expert can take all of the variables into account. We will provide you with an assessment that reviews every aspect of your business including location, structural or physical aspects of the site, energy production potential, and financial modeling. We’ll also review local public utility policies with you. At the end of the day, you’ll have all the information you need to make a fully-informed decision.

We’ll use the assessment and financial plans we developed with you as a guideline. , we work with licensed and experienced design engineering firms to ensure that the final plans used for permitting and installation continue to represent all aspects of your project goals.

XsunX then provides you with:

  • Structural and electrical drawings; and,
  • Documentation that include your PV component specifications, structural calculations, and as necessary, a geotechnical and environmental impact report.

We then submit plans and manage the process for securing all of the necessary permits.