Commercial & Residential Solar Solutions

When You Invest in Solar Power

XsunX gives you a partner for life.

When you choose to invest in solar power, you are engaging a long-term strategic plan to rein in your power costs and even make a little profit along the way. You’re also investing in a long-term partnership that will support you for as long as you operate your system.

XsunX holds a high standard for service. No matter what your energy goals are, as our customer, you’ll find that our primary expertise is giving you our full attention for the lifetime of your XsunX energy installation. Why do we say “lifetime”? Because, solar power generation is not an “install and forget” proposition. Far from it.

Since 2004 and after hundreds of successful installations, we have mastered every aspect of solar photovoltaic system design, installation, and maintenance. We have also infused our passion for alternative energy into every volt of power that’s generated. You’ll see that passion at the initial assessment, throughout the design process, into development and installation, and long after your system is up and running. Yes, solar is an affordable energy option – but you need a strong partner to produce the best possible bottom-line financial benefit.

We guide our performance by striving to deliver consistently on the following core objectives:


to keep the customers best interests at the forefront at all times


through a focus on performance and follow through that meets or exceeds expectations

Free Assessment

Thousands of kilowatt hours of potential energy spills down on every building and every square inch of land, every day. It’s been a long-held dream of futurists and engineers to harness that endless flow. Now that we have the technology, companies like XsunX are showing smart people about how to capture and maximize it.

Financing & Incentive Planning

Solar PV is incredible technology, but making it work is serious business. To make that work a true benefit to you, you need a lifetime partner like XsunX. At the end of the day, the measurement success of every ounce of technology is in the bottom line.

System Design

To maximize your solar opportunity, we analyze and qualify every aspect of your facility or location. Then we use extensive design and build experience to develop cost-effective and creative solutions that maximize the solar footprint and maintain the integrity and aesthetics of your facility.


When XsunX is on your rooftop, you also have us on your side – protecting fixtures and roofing, and ensuring that only licensed, qualified professionals are working on your installation. We’ll also help you manage equipment warranties and make sure that the integrity of your system is maintained.