Commercial & Residential Solar Solutions


Whether your plans are to capitalize on emerging markets, regionally based job creation and economic development opportunities, or vertical integration of the entire PV value chain, we can tailor fit a business solution for your PV operations plan. We can provide a broad range of services and can assist clients in virtually every stage of development and execution of plans.

Our Planning and Assessment services include the following:

Strategy – We can help you identify solar business options, analyze which one best serves your goals, and develop detailed action plans. We have developed manufacturing and implementation cost models designed specifically to assist with technology and market investment analysis needs.

Financial & Operations Planning – XsunX can help you develop comprehensive financial plans incorporating detailed financial start-up, operating, and growth plans. Additionally, we can assist in the support of loan and economic incentive applications through public and private financing options. We can also offer access to our extensive list of financing groups.

Implementation – XsunX can provide you with support for site identification, RFP and contract development, bid evaluation, contract negotiation, project build-out and ramp-up.


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