Commercial & Residential Solar Solutions

Financial and Incentive Planning

We believe that smart implementation of solar power starts requires that the benefits from long-term power generation are in balance with the long-term financial considerations. Experience has shown us that you need a total review of all relevant forecasting, including total power savings, benefits of asset depreciation, plus an assessment of all available Federal, state, and local incentives.

The fact is, the easiest path to financing a solar energy system is to purchase the system directly. If you have the capital, you can take advantage of tax offsets and accelerate depreciation. You may find that paying cash for your solar system is the best option. Ownership at the start-up of your system can provide the greatest total cost savings and benefits over the life of the system.

You may also opt for financing. You can purchase all equipment and services investment through loans and monthly lease payments. Depending upon the size of your project, you may also finance some or all cost through power purchase agreements.

These options can reduce the upfront capital requirement while also helping cash flows.  XsunX will work to match you with lenders that can offer creative financing options including:

Solar System Leases

Yes, XsunX offers Zero Down 100% financing. The lease reduces the upfront cost and depending on the lease type can allow the lessee to utilize the available tax credits as well as the bonus depreciation of the solar system and any additional incentives available. This option is popular with many residential clients.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

This type of solar financing allows you to buy the solar energy instead of the solar system. You pay for the energy similar to how you currently work with your local utility except that you have set predictable rates for the life of the agreement. You host the solar equipment at your facility or site, but the Power Purchase Provider (who owns the system) receives the tax benefits and handles all the operations and maintenance of the system. Typically, most PPA agreements provide an option allowing you to buy the solar system after a certain period. Local public utility rules may make this option unavailable. We wil advise you of any limitations during the initial project assessment.